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 Whatever the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can achieve”

Napoleon Hill


What lies behind us and what lies before us is nothing compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t – you’re probably right”

Henry T Ford


"Time is infinitely more precious than money, and there is nothing common between them.You cannot accumulate time, you cannot borrow time, you can never tell how much time you have left in the Bank of Life. Time is life."

Israel Davidson


Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen”

Ralph Waldo Emerson      



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 A lack of self confidence stops many people reaching their true potential. Hypnotherapy changes patterns and beliefs allowing people to do things that previously would have been out of the question. 

 A one to one session of Hypnotherapy identifies and rectifies any self doubting, boosts self esteem thus helping you to move forward with improved self confidence in any situation.  By improving your confidence it leaves you ready to get on with living and feeling good about yourself.

Most clients need two to three sessions for confidence issues. 

With self confidence we extend our reach, accomplishing far more than we thought possible—or than would be possible without it. Real confidence comes from a quiet place, deep within; from a calm acceptance and understanding or our own abilities and our own unique value. Truly confident people not only behave and live confidently, they inspire confidence in others.

Confidence says that we are okay in our own skin. It’s a sense of self-assurance that accompanies us wherever we go; a quality that is there to back up our actions and strengthen our spirit - an invaluable ingredient of success in life. Yet so many people struggle needlessly with a lack of self confidence. 

Lack of self confidence and low self esteem adversely affects our relationships, our education, our career prospects, and even our health, holding us back and making life much harder than it otherwise would be.

Self Esteem and Self Confidence - What’s the difference?


Though they are often used interchangeably, and are undoubtedly interconnected, self confidence differs from self esteem. 

 Self confidence has to do with how we feel about our abilities, and so can fluctuate depending on the situation. A person may be confident when doing their job, for example, but be completely unconfident when socializing or having to meet new people. With low self confidence we do not fully trust our ability to accomplish, we doubt our ability to perform well in various situations. 

Self esteem on the other hand is how we feel about ourselves. It is our internal opinion of who and how we are. When we lack self-esteem, we are unable to validate ourselves from within, and so we struggle.

With low self esteem, our sense of security depends largely on other people. We are constantly seeking to be validated from without, so people and events beyond our control determine how we feel about who we are—and therefore about life in general.

Neither low self confidence nor low self esteem are genetically inherited. They are the consequence of past experiences that have left us with feelings of inadequacy, self doubt, and insecurity.

With confidence comes the understanding that we will remain safe, that we can cope, and that we are capable of living and allowing others—even those whose opinions and beliefs we do not necessarily share—to do the same.

When we have real confidence and a robust self esteem, we can give ourselves permission to take risks, to be assertive without being aggressive, to be open without being unnecessarily defensive. Above all, we can live our own, authentic life, not someone else’s version of what our life should be.

How to gain confidence and build self esteem

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem has everything to do with conditioning. As with so many of our difficulties, confidence and self esteem have their roots in the subconscious mind and how it has been programmed.


Because of this, we need to turn to the subconscious for a solution. This is where Hypnotherapy can be so very useful. With Hypnotherapy we can re-access those formative experiences that caused us to doubt our abilities and ourself; rewrite the script, alter our beliefs and repair our self image. We can even learn to like and respect ourselves. 

And here is the most important thing. When we like and respect ourself, our self esteem automatically increases and improves, which makes us even more confident. When we are confident in important areas of our life then we begin to expand and increase our overall sense of self esteem.

Each one feeds and enhances the other. And both aspects can be worked on at the same time.

No one was born with feelings of inadequacy. Confidence and self esteem are everyones birthright. If you feel that you need more self confidence and an increase in self esteem, then Hypnotherapy may well be the answer.